PG电子官方免费下载的商业流程简单而高效, built on a transparent system that welcomes new business enterprises. Business Sweden has a wide selection of establishment guides for international business owners who plan to set up and run a company in Sweden. 


  • 对外国投资者没有限制和不利条件
  • 明确的雇佣和裁员规则
  • A competitive corporate tax framework

Start a company

Starting a Business in Sweden
PDF - 265 kb
Starting a Private Limited Liability Company
PDF - 271 kb
Starting a Branch
PDF - 267 kb
Starting a Franchise Business
PDF - 145 kb
Swedish foreign direct investment regime
PDF - 709 kb


Taxes and property

Mergers and Acquisitions in Sweden
PDF - 238 kb
Running a Business in Sweden
PDF - 243 kb
Corporate Tax in Sweden
PDF - 827 kb
Commercial Leases and Rents
PDF - 260 kb
PDF - 312 kb
Business Costs and Prices of Key Services
PDF - 211 kb

Employing staff

Employing Staff - Contracts and Conditions
PDF - 270 kb
Tax Relief for Key Foreign Employees
PDF - 136 kb
PDF - 223 kb


Guides and other regulations

The Swedish Social Security System
PDF - 236 kb
Environmental Permitting Process
PDF - 223 kb
Incentives guide
PDF - 435 kb